A first attempt at some video marketing

3 12 2007

This is a first attempt at an alternative marketing strategy to create a ‘buzz’ around my arcade site. I put together a very quick ‘monkey video’ to advertise fingermonkey.net. This is just a bit of fun for now, and way too long for an effective promotional stunt, half the audience wouldn’t last through the first 15 seconds, let alone the entire 2 minutes!

But in the future I will be devising some more hard hitting gaming type videos with fast moving gaming images and blaring hard core music. Tapping into the YouTube crowd is an obvious alternative marketing strategy, the user base is predominantly young, bored and the sort of people likely to want to play flash video games.

Visit FingerMonkey.net for some free flash gamer madness!




2 responses

17 12 2007

I lasted 1:46 minutes, but I was’nt paying attention, I was expecting (for somebody with your skills) a hard hitting animation type monkey popping out and was thinking about that.

18 12 2007

Yeah I totally agree with you, it’s waayyy too slow. Next video I’m limiting myself to 30 seconds!

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