The Link Experiment (Part 2)

15 12 2007

You are reading the second part to my link experiment. For the first part see here. So I’ve already begun submitting my arcade site to some of the 200+ directories listed in the first part of this experiment. I’ve covered page rank 6 and 5 and I’m half way through the PR4 list.

Below is an outline of what I intend to gain from doing all this. While I’m calling this an ‘experiment’, I am under no illusion that this is far from scientific and any results will be judged as mere indicators of potential rather than facts. So with that in mind here’s what and how I’m doing it:

Experiment aims

So here are the experiment aims in a nutshell:

1. To discern whether directory submission is an effective means of driving traffic traffic to a new website.

2. To test the potential for revenue enhancement.

3. To pinpoint the best directories on my list of 200+

4. To provide insight and understanding of SEO for new website owners

The four stages of the experiment

1. 10th December 2007: Within a 24 hour period, I will submit my site, to all the sites in the list of 200+ web link directories.

2. 10th January 2008: First stage of analysis. It will have been exactly one month since the beginning of the experiment, some of my links won’t have even been reviewed at this point, but it will be a good time to take stock of where things are at.

3. 10th February 2008: Two months will have passed and many of the links should be working by this stage. I will do a write up with some traffic analysis using google analytics. I will also show what impact it has had on the 3 google adsense banners on the arcade site.

4. 10th March 2008: This will be the last stage in the experiment. Time to assess which directory sites yielded the most traffic. At this stage I will use all the data I have collected to update my 200+ list of directories to include annotations on best SEO potential.

Tools to carry out the experiment

1. Online form filler tool

In order to make stage 1 (submission to over 200 directories) less of a nail-biter, I’m going to use the following free online form filler tool, available for download here.


This will allow me to fill out my arcade site’s info once and automatically paste it in for each new directory submission, cutting time in half and making the whole process more bearable.

2. Google analytics

In order to measure my arcade site’s traffic statistics I will be using Google Analytics. There are a number of free web analytics tools available but of all the ones I’ve tried google comes packed with the most features and offers the cleanest layout.

Visit for some free flash gamer madness!




2 responses

30 12 2007
Brad-Ho San

I would signup at resellersgo. For $4 you can use there setup to submit to 3000 free directories. It uses ajax, I think, to display each directory with related categories and when you clicks submit it will randomly select 1 of 5 titles you specify and 1 of 5 descriptions you wrote. I am currently submitting my 3 arcades to 50 directories every day. I will of course slow down a lot very soon, but my SERPs are already improving.

17 04 2008
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[…] In case you’re still wondering what this whole ‘link experiment’ is about, you can get up to speed by reading the first two installments in the series here and here. […]

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