2008: A Design Odyssey

17 04 2008

A search for ‘flash arcades’ on google returned 1,580,000 results. I’d just like you to pause and contemplate that figure for a moment. That’s one and a half million, MILLION, m i l l i o n!! Now even if it’s only 10, 000 of those that are actual arcade websites, it should still be glaringly obvious to anyone thinking of starting a new arcade that the market is swamped. Save yourselves the trouble and go try your luck at chicken farming.

It’s not the 1.5 million possible arcade sites that bothers me. Nor the fact that my own arcade site will never satisfy any financial fantasies I might have. It’s not even about the ego numbing idea of being unoriginal. It’s the fact that most of these sites are design nightmares. I’m going to let you look at the image above for a minute, while I go and take a pee.

Back. Ok, what does the image say to you? Besides the fact that it’s the viral Where’s Waldo Web 2.0 image that hit digg some time last year. What does it do to you? Well let me tell you what it does for me. it’s fun for the first 10 seconds until I’ve identified most of the brand labels. Then it’s chaotic. Then it starts to give me a headache. And then I never want to look at it again. Now that’s what I get from looking at 99% of the flash arcade sites I visit.

So what? Well, if you’re insane enough to venture into this arcade arena, why not be even more insane and come up with a site that actually looks decent? That alone will get you into the top 1000 without even talking about content.

Coming soon: a mashup video of some of the top ranking ridiculous designs in the arcade industry. Stay tuned fellow monkies.

Visit FingerMonkey.net for some free flash gamer madness!



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