An aside for gamescript developers

20 04 2008

Chasing Tail

Flash game arcades are dead. The era was well and truly buried with the emergence of ‘Web 2.0’ and the demand for audience participation. Pure consumption was no longer enough to sustain a user base, people wanted to create, manipulate, customise and share. Web technology in the early new millennium allowed that to happen. This trend arguably reached its peak in 2006 when Time Magazine announced its person of the year as YOU.

The YOU factor has been at the heart of most new media except for flash game arcades. Flash arcades have been stuck in the past, unable to respond to this new trend, swamped, floundered, dead. This is particularly noticeable in arcade scripts. Not only is there a general lack of developers in the arcade business anyway, but on top of that many of them are churning out rubbish. Replica models whose only aim is to earn some quick cash.

When are we going to see a script that puts the user at the center of its design? Where the user is able to manipulate the arcade environment rather than just passively consume its content? What about networking? Gaming communities? What about the mobile market? How long have we been stuck with this web 1.0 arcade model, rigid, cumbersome and lets be honest pretty damned ugly?

There may be no money to be made in flash game arcades in their current incarnations, but for the developer who has a little bit of savvy, who dares to bring something new to the table, there is an absolute gold mine out there ready for the taking. I have a long list of ideas but I’m not a developer. If you want to collaborate then hit me up via my contact form.

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20 04 2008
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22 04 2008
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24 04 2008
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