Probably the best flash game ever

20 04 2008

(Click on image to play game)

Boomshine is a quiet, unassuming game developed by Danny Miller, developer/contributor to the iconic Albino Blacksheep and of all the hundreds of flash games I’ve played, this is the game that I fall back on as a reference point.

The mark of a truly great game is its ability to survive repetition. If you return to a game after 5 plays and you still get the same buzz as you did in the beginning then you know it’s a winner. Few games have that effect. Tetris is one of them, Boomshine is another.

So what is it that makes BoomShine special? There are a number of reasons. First of all there’s an element of physics that draws us in. The aim of the game is to create chain reactions, as such we become ‘scientists’ splitting atoms, or biologists splitting cells, it’s a creationist quality that translates universally.

Secondly, and much like Tetris, this is a game about shapes and the aim is immediate. So it spans all age ranges. We view the world in shapes and patterns and in this game the player has the ability to create a calaidescope effect.

Finally there is the simple aesthetic quality of watching multiple colours collide. This is a motif that has been picked up elsewhere in the world of design. One famous example is the Sony Bravia advert with that pleasing cascade of colourful balls.

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