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1 05 2008

Previously on this blog, I released a small ‘top 5 zombie games‘ pack for webmasters. Since that proved to be a success, I thought I’d follow up with a slightly larger pack, this time featuring my top 20 favorite games. It’s a mixture of all genres but the common binding factor is that each game is special and each one has proved a success with arcade visitors.

Free Flash Games

To put this in a little context, I’ve been hand picking flash games for my two arcades since they began over a year ago. Part of the reason why I do this is simply because many of the large 1000-2000 payable game packs are full of crap.

Out of 1000 games you’re lucky to find 100 that are of any worth. Of course taste and prefrence in flash games is always going to be a subjective affair, and the old addage ‘one mans rubbish is another man’s gold’ holds true, but in many cases you’re dealing with games that don’t work, duplicate games or games that nobody in their right mind would take time out to play. In addition to this, I’ve always found it ludicrous that you have to pay someone $50-100 for a games pack that consists of games released in the public domain. Enough said.

Here is my Top 20 free flash arcade game list, in descending order. You can download the pack at the bottom of this post thanks to – it may take some time but hopefully it’s worth it. Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

1. Boomshine; 2. Clinic; 3. Blast Billiards; 4. Franky The Fish; 5. Batman; 6. Heist; 7. Wordelicious; 8. Trick Hoop Challenge; 9. Maus Force Attack; 10. Bomb It; 11. Doeo; 12. Sniper School; 13. Everybody’s Golf; 14. Sonic; 15. Tennis Game; 16. Starship 11; 17. Sub Commander; 18. Elastic Soccer; 19. Chicken Attack; 20. Brain Machine

Download Free 20 Flash Game Pack

Visit for some free flash gamer madness!




2 responses

1 05 2008

Hi Andrew,

It would be great if you could give a taster of the games on this blog, lightview would be great for this.

1 05 2008

mmm you mean screenshots etc? That’s a lot of work. Lightbox is not supported on I’m afraid. I’ll think about doing some brief descriptions of each game though.

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