Arcade Review: Element Arcade

11 05 2008

Welcome to the first in the Review My Arcade series – a new feature on the FingerMonkey blog. The idea is simple: if you’re a webmaster and you want some first hand feedback on your arcade site, send me the url, title and launch date, and I’ll post a short videocast review summing up the pros and cons of design, layout and content as I see them. Hopefully it’ll give you some food for thought on ways of improving your arcade.

The first review request was made by Andy and his site is called Element Arcade, it was launched in February 2008 so it’s still pretty new. Here’s what I had to say:

Element Arcade Review

Please be patient while the video loads. Videocasts produce fairly heavy files so load times are slightly longer than usual streaming video.

If you’d like to get your site reviewed, follow the link on the banner below. Stay tuned for more review action.

FingerMonkey Flash Arcade Reviews




One response

12 05 2008

Thanks for the review 🙂
I’ve updated my arcade a bit and taken your comments into account. Still working on the branding.

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