Arcade Review: Oh Free Games

13 05 2008

This is the latest edition in the Review My Arcade series. This time it’s Fahd’s turn and the focus is on Oh Free Games. Of all the site’s I’ve reivewed so far, Fahd’s has the most advertising and this was something he pointed out himself, but I didn’t find the ads to the biggest issue with this arcade, check out the video cast to see what I had to say:

Oh Free Games review

My thanks to Fahd for participating in the review and hope he finds some of the comments useful. What’s been fascinating for me in doing this series of reviews is the amount I’ve learnt in such a short amount of time. Things that I realise that I need to apply to my own arcades. It’s really quite easy to see what’s wrong with other people’s creations but when it comes to your own, it’s much harder to admit the flaws. That’s human nature. Stay tuned for more.

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One response

13 05 2008

Thanks Andrew, very valuable feedback. And yes, you said my name right! šŸ™‚

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