Behold the FingerMonkey Vimeo Channel!

15 05 2008

FingerMonkey Vimeo ChannelI’ve set up a channel on Vimeo to house all the video reviews I’m doing at the moment. These reviews have become quite popular with a list of 10 requests so far. I’ve switched to using Vimeo due to bandwidth constraints with Jing (the service I was using before).

There are 3 new reviews ready to post here and that will leave 2 more to do in the list of 10. The Vimeo channel is a cool place to store the videos and it just makes a lot more sense in the long run. Videos will stream faster and it’s easy to upload etc. If only Vimeo had a decent blogging system then I would migrate this site there completely.

Anyway watch out for the new reviews and check out the new little opening jingle. Just an experiment for now, but you can expect some new features over the weeks ahead. Keep submitting your sites for review. Thanks for watching.

Bookmark the channel and subscribe to the RSS Feed!




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