Arcade Review:

19 05 2008 was submitted by Sunil Patel and the site was launched recently in March 2008. I take a look at this promising new site and offer some basic advice on ways of improving and refining the overall layout and design.

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4 responses

19 05 2008
Sunil Patel

Thanks very much for reviewing the site, you’ve given some great feedback for me to work on. It never occured to me how many colours I’m using!

19 05 2008

You’re welcome Sunil, glad to be of help. Make sure you get a range of opinions on your site before making any big changes. It’s always good to get 2 or 3 points of view. I try to avoid make my judgements as objective as possible and steer clear of aesthetic judgements but it’s not always possible/

23 05 2008
Sunil Patel

I embedded your review on my blog, is this ok? I linked to your site, of course, so I assumed you wouldn’t mind. If you do, just tell me and I’ll remove it.

Also, everyone I’ve spoken to thinks you’ve “hit the nail on the head” as far as the changes you’ve suggested go!

23 05 2008

Hey Sunil, no worries. Embed what you like, that’s the beauty of video 🙂

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