Arcade Review:

3 06 2008

This is a review of an arcade with the wackiest name I’ve seen to date, but does the site live up to the wild image that its name suggests? How important is it to match the name of your site with the content and form? This is a site that offers a good case study when it comes to balancing these aspects. Vodpod videos no longer available.




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3 06 2008

I’ve listened to your points and although I do see where you are coming from I don’t think I will be changing the colour scheme or spacing just yet because it used to be more spaced out and the colours were easier to read and more shiny overall and it just ended up looking like an average web 2.0 arcade template, whic there’s nothing wrong with but I just don’t want it to look like a clone.

As for the tiny text yeah that’s a temporary problem, I messed up the stylesheet it’s never usually like that and I will change it back first thing in the morning.

I also see what you mean about the whacky name then the controlled website… while I don’t want to make it too crazy as it may drive people away or confuse people, I will try and add a bit more of a fun feel to the overall site with little flash animations and graphics and interactive features.

Thank you for the review, although I was hoping for more good points but oh well =p


8 06 2008


Interresting post!

Im having a similar dilemma with my site “NutStation”. Its a rather straight site with a collection of quality online games. The only thing that is “nutty” about the site is perhaps the logo.

However the name reflects who might visit our site. The idea was to make a game site for complete nuts. Maybe we will become nuttier at a later point.

BTW, I would love some feedback on my effort. Its still very much WIP, but i guess the whole internet is WIP so i guess that is OK.


26 06 2008

Cool you do arcade reviews! Will you check my site out and see what you think about it? Its still pretty new but everyone seems to think its a rockin forum/arcade!

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