For Sale!

10 06 2008

For Sale Sign

That’s right folks, you read it correctly, i’m selling one kickass PR2 arcade, custom theme, custom logo, a recognizable brand name and this PR4 blog comes with it. Send me your offers. Serious buyers only. This is a prime opportunity for someone starting out in the Arcade industry to buy an established arcade. It’s slick, dark and sexy and it could be yours!





4 responses

10 06 2008
Sunil Patel

Will Craverz be going up for sale?

11 06 2008

Yes, but not until the next PR update. I have a morbid curiosity to see how a WordPress arcade fares with Google rankings. Plus at the moment craverz is growing everyday, now at 1500 uniques/day. This will average out soon I’m sure, but again, I’m curious to see how far it will go.

11 06 2008
Sunil Patel

Ok. Well, I’m very interested in buying Craverz, so I guess I’ll have to wait.

28 06 2008
FingerMonkey signing out - Page 2 - Talk Arcades

[…] Sorry to bump this, but did he sell fingermonkey? If not, I’d like to buy it. According to his blog you can email him to buy. He hasn’t posted that it’s sold yet. It really is a shame we’re losing […]

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