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24 09 2008

Dear fellow arcaders,

So it’s been aeons since I updated this blog, but there’s been good reason too. If you read any of the previous posts here you’ll know that I used to run, and, 3 pretty cool arcade sites. I’m pleased to say that those are now in the hands of a new owner and while I didn’t reach the $6000 mark that I initially set out for, I think $2500 is a very reasonable deal given the current market climate.

Craverz was the arcade I built from the bottom up and in just a short amount of time it gained fairly decent traction. At its first google page ranking it got a PR4. This just confirms my points about WordPress as a superior platform for a games arcade in terms of SEO and google friendliness.

After the sale of those sites I kicked back and took some time away from the arcade scene. However, I decided to give it one last try, this time only focusing on one site. I launched a couple of months back and have since been fine tuning it to maximise on SEO and usability. I moved away from the FingerMonkey pseudonym while the sale of the other sites was going on, but I will keep it going here for the sake of this blog.

Over the coming months I’ll be updating this blog with more tips and tricks for arcade webmasters and I’ll be giving feedback on traffic exchange strategies and monetization. I also intend to reinstate the usability review section, but more on that later on. For now I wish you all a happy end to the summer.




One response

28 09 2008

Welcome back.

Thought we lost you there for a while. :}

Am looking forward to new ideas and hopefully a review from you.
We’ve made the world’s first MMO toilet simulator while you were gone. (^ linky)

Also, will the link be updated to Sly5 instead then?


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